TeleService is a consulting firm that specializes in Call/Contact Centers, Telemarketing, Tele-sales, and Teleservices in Israel. We offer full-cycle project planning, design and coaching. Our services include planning and assistance with the executiion of various over-the-phone marketing projects, coaching and follow-up of TSR’s, workshops for reps and managers, lectures, and other services. We deal with both Inbound and Outbound operations, as well as B-to-B and B-to-C operations.


The Company’s owner and founder, has 20 years of experience in establishing and operating dozens of Call Centers and Telemarketing departments, large and small. The company have extensive knowledge and wide experience in Telemarketing, achieved by maintaining working relations with international consulting firms and highly acclaimed professionals in the USA. We also actively participates in panels, workshops and conferences worldwide and holds meetings and professional tours of Call Centers and Contact Centers in leading Telemarketing firms in the USA and Europe.





Mission Statement

A diverse range of companies employ our services, in all fields of business. Our services are explicitly designed to attain one goal: Satisfied Clients! Towards this end, our activities focus on the things that help our clients:

  • Optimize marketing communications with their customers
  • Save time and money in pre-sale, sale and post-sale processes
  • Provide better and faster service to customers
  • Close more deals over the phone
  • Retain customers longer



TeleService helps establish and operate Call Centers for Service, Customer Retention and various types of Telemarketing, some of which are provided for large international corporations, including IBM (B-to-B lead generation + B-to-C technical support), VISA (B-to-B tele-sales + B-to-C customer retention), Diners Club (B-to-C customer retention), Dun & Bradstreet (B-to-B tele-sales) Manpower (B-to-C tele-sales).